Treadmill mistakes you need to stop doing

You have put on a few pounds and you want to lose weight fast. A treadmill is a right choice for you. Treadmills provide an efficient aerobic workout, so it really is not surprising that they are some of the most popular types of home exercise equipment. Maybe you have already searched the web for the best treadmills for the home and bought a fine piece of fitness equipment. Maybe you have been running and walking on the treadmill for some time now. Are you correctly using the treadmill? Using one is pretty simple, yet people make plenty of mistakes and sabotage their workout. Here are some treadmills mistakes you need to stop doing.

Wearing the wrong shoes

It does not matter what shoes you wear when exercising, right? Wrong. Every shoe will not work. Running on the treadmill is not similar to regular running. You are making different movements and the physical activity places different stresses on the feet and ankles. Choose sneakers for function and not for style. Buy sneakers that protect your feet from high impact. It is advisable to get your feet measured and do your shopping at a professional shoe store.

Constantly looking at the TV

When exercising at home, it is pretty difficult to stay away from the TV. Yet, if do not want all that effort to be for nothing, keep the TV off. Looking at the TV will disturb your exercise routine, not to mention that it will affect your posture. Your neck is stretched while other parts of the body are tightened. The longer you look at the TV screen, the higher the risk of getting injured increases.

Doing the same thing repeatedly

The biggest mistake you can make when using the treadmill is doing the same thing repeatedly. Just because you are using the treadmill, this does not mean that you cannot diversify your workouts. Running all day long will not be of great help. What you can do is try sprinting at 1-minute intervals. Another thing you can do is try push-offs. The treadmill does not have to be used for running to be effective. The point is that you should vary the exercises.

Holding the bars

Holding onto the treadmill handles is not a good idea, although it is a good safety measure. What happens is that you support your own body weight and you burn fewer calories. If you genuinely want to get in good shape, let go of the bars. Although it is more difficult this way, you will burn a ton of calories. Walk naturally, as you would if you were outdoors.


If you are doing the above-mentioned treadmills mistakes, it is no wonder that you are not seeing any results. Keep in mind that running on a treadmill only has benefits if you do it right. So, make efforts to change your workout habits.  In case you get stuck inside, make sure you are exercising right. You will lose weight in no time.