Tips for enjoying a day at the races

Don’t know what to do anymore? If you’re out of ideas, spend your day at the horse races. You have the chance to mingle with rich and famous people and you can sip a glass of Champaign. Let’s not forget about horse racing, which is an exciting sport. Horse racing is for everyone, adults as well as children. Whether or not you are interested in the equestrian sport, you should not pass on the opportunity of spending your day at the races.

There is nothing better than to see the racehorses up close. Okay, okay, you do not need to be convinced. What you need is some tips. After all, you have never before spent an entire day at the races and you need a piece of advice. We won’t teach you the no-risk betting technique, but we will show you what you can do.

Dressing the part

If you want people to believe that you are familiar with the races, then you need to dress appropriately. As you can imagine, you can’t put on just any pieces of clothing. A race day outfit has to be elegant. This means smart suits for men and fancy dresses for the ladies. To achieve the perfect race day look, it is advisable to check out dedicated websites and Facebook pages.

Best race tracks in the UK

If you want to enjoy the best that horse racing has to offer, you should only frequent the best venues in the UK. Selecting the best race tracks is difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are just a few examples of venues where you can enjoy horse racing: Epsom Downs, Goodwood, Hamilton Park and Sandown Park. As stated previously these are only some examples of racing tracks for a stellar outgoing. You can do your own research if you like.

Make sure to find seating

What you wear is not as important as where you are seated. If you can afford to pay extra, then book seating in advance. If not, see what seats are available. One of the best places to stay is the Paddock. There you will have a clear view of how the horses are prepared for the competition. What is more, you can see how the animals are, whether they are relaxed or, on the contrary, agitated.


You don’t know a single thing about sports betting. No problem. No one is born knowing. What should you know?  You need to carefully study the horses. You should never ever place a wager on a sporting competition without studying what is going on. See how the animals present themselves and study the form. You are competing against people around you, so your chances of being victorious are high.

Try arriving earlier, about 45 minutes earlier. This way, you will have enough time to examine the race form and take a good look at the animals. Another thing you should do is keep an eye for the jockeys, who receive training from their instructors.