You hear about them periodically, but you are not sure what they are about or why does  everybody get so excited about them. The first thing you should know about them is that they are an equivalent for the Olympic Games. However, they are only for British people and the Commonwealth states. Commonwealth Games 2018 are going to take place in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. However, below are some essential facts you should know about them.

Their motto is “Humanity, Equality, Destiny”

And was initially created to raise awareness about the fact that all the Commonwealth members are part of the same entity and have similar values. It helped to increase the cooperation between the nations and the consciousness that they are a part of a united and big family.

Only athletes from the Commonwealth member states are able to take part

The games were created in order to involve all the athletes from the British Empire to take part into a single competition.  These games have a pan-Anglican character and they were initially created to entertain British citizens around the world and to make interaction easier. Fun fact: it took the officials to properly plan and organise the first edition more than thirty years.

They have an opening and a closing ceremony, just like the Olympic Games

The opening ceremony consists of various performances of British artists and military parades of the states in Commonwealth. The most grandiose opening ceremony took place in 2010, when the host state was India. The closing ceremony is a good way to for athletes to socialize because they are all participating. The best athlete in the Games is awarded and many artistic performances are taking place as well.

Team sports were late introduced in the competition

In 1998, to be more exact. Before that, only single sports were allowed, like diving, swimming and cycling. In 1998 team sports like cricket, rugby and hockey were introduced. Nowadays, you can also see a basketball game, as well as football, badminton, handball, tennis and netball.

Initially, they were known as “the British Empire Games”

This happened between 1930 and 1950. Afterwards, they took the name of “The British Empire and Commonwealth Games”, to finally come to the name of “the Commonwealth Games”, in 1975. These changes appeared because of the varying historical context. The expansion and the decolonisation process, to be more exact.

Therefore, even if you are not a Brit, you should try to attend the games. They are full of history and humanitarian meaning. Moreover, celebrities are big fans of these Games and you are prone to bump into Usain Bolt or Rihanna. The accommodation prices are affordable and Australia is a fun foreign country to visit. Take a glance at their official web page and see what they are preparing for you. They can be a lot of fun. Do not forget that your next occasion to take part is going to be in 2022. Do not miss the chance now!