The History of Boxing as an Olympic Event

The Olympics is a sporting event that has roots all the way back in ancient history. Boxing was introduced to the modern Olympics back in 1904, though it had been part of the ancient version of the tournament for many years.

The game was introduced to the Ancient Olympics in the 7th century, though it has changed a lot in the many years since. The Greeks had a version of the game that was similar to our own, though the Romans changed it substantially. They introduced spiked gloves that would have the fighters boxing until the death.

Banned from The Olympics

The sport was actually banned from the tournament one year in 1912, as the host county was Sweden, who had outlawed the sport at the time. While they felt the sport was violent and dangerous, there are many others that are actually riskier for competitors.

As a nation, the USA are the most successful at the sport, with their nationals bagging 114 medals over the years. Hot on their heels are Cuba and the UK, who take second and third place by number of medals respectively.

The body that governs over the sport at the Olympics, the AIBA, have a great sway over the outcome of these matches. However, this means that the sport may not be represented at the upcoming 2020 Olympics, as the Olympic Committee have concerns over the reliability of the body. They fear match fixing incidents on boxing odds and fallouts within the international community that could happen as a result.

Notable Olympic Boxing Winners

This would be unfortunate for young fighters that want to make a name for themselves on the international stage. Muhammad Ali credited the Olympics as one of the great wins of his life. He was honoured by the committee after losing his gold medal. They presented him with a replacement one at the 1996 Olympics, at which point he had started to show symptoms of the Parkinson’s Disease that affected his later life.

George Foreman also represented his nation in the Olympics in 1968. At this point, Foreman was still considered an amateur, though took down his opponent in just two rounds. At the end of the fight, he got his moment of fame with the USA flag in the ring.

There are many famous moments from the boxing ring within the Olympics, with the addition of women’s boxing in 2012 giving us many more events to look forward to. The female side of the sport is receiving a lot more support in recent years, so this should also translate to more commercial fights too.

We very much hope that boxing is represented at the 2020 Olympics, as it would be a loss if the sport was not. We’re eager to see the sport coming back to the international arena soon.