Netball off-season? Here is how you can stay active


As a professional netball player, you agree to the fact that physical exercise is essential to being able to prove your best during the game. However, during the netball off-season, you may be tempted to skip your training, which is definitely not a good idea. Maintaining physical activity during the off-season helps you stay in good shape for the following netball season and one good method is to get involved in social netball games in London. Here are some tips to help you stay fit during this period.

Play social netball

Grab your teammates or friends and go to a sports center to play social netball. Besides the fact that you will have a lot of fun together, it is a great way to improve your fitness and strengthen your muscle, especially if you play on a regular basis.

Walking and jogging

Whether you go by yourself or you take some friends with you, walking is one very good method that can help you stay fit and active during netball off-season. Although it seems to be simple and effortless physical activity, walking is highly beneficial for your cardiovascular health and mobility, not to mention that it also improves the strength of bone, especially in the lower body. If none of your friends fancy for a walk in the park, take your dog and go for some jogging since this is also a great way to keep your body moving. Running is not only good for your cardiovascular health, but it is also a great way to keep your weight in control.


This activity also brings many benefits, especially because it helps you improve your flexibility and it increases tone, muscle strength, and control. Keep in mind though that you may need specialized instruction in order to be able to perform Pilates moves.


Swimming is considered a low impact sport and is perfect for people of all ages. What is so special about this type of sport is that it puts your entire body at work, particularly your arms, chest, and back. It keeps you fit and improves heart health, thus keeping you active during the netball off-season.


Cycling is another great choice if you want to improve the lower-body strength and build endurance, which is essential for netball since this sport involves a lot of abrupt stopping and movement. Working your lower-body part is definitely going to help you become a better netball player.