Like extreme sports? Why not trying something different?


If you like adrenaline and extreme sports in general and you happen to own a driver’s license, this might sound like an exciting idea to you: off-road. Trying to go with an SUV on damaged terrain and see if the car or you as a driver can handle it sounds like something an extreme sports lover would definitely enjoy. Here’s an example of a car that will definitely meet your expectations if you decide to try off-road championships or anything related to them: Ford Ranger. A huge car with huge power, the Ranger is made specifically for these kinds of activities that will get the best driver out of you while offering as much safety as possible. If you think you cannot afford one, why not trying to buy a used Ford Ranger from Edmunds online.

Engine power

Ranger is available with three different type of engines. The first one which is the most modest one is the only one that doesn’t include 4×4 features. It’s a simple 2.2 liter TDCi that can only reach approximatively 130 horsepower, which is quite a low value. The 160 horsepower version of the same engine is, yet, appropriate for off-road trips. The top engine that can be found equipped on this car is the 3.2-liter diesel engine, that can reach up to 200 horsepower. In this case, the average fuel consumption might surprise you: 8.9 liters for every 100 kilometers. The Ford Ranger promises toe easily overcome any off-road escape on the route, as it guarantees to pass through water that’s 60 centimeters deep. That’s a surprising value to talk about.

Day by day usage

On asphalt roads, the Ranger uses only the rear wheel drive. However, the all-wheel-drive should be engaged when you are planning to hit the roads with more than 120 kilometers per hour. The 4×4 system has a built-in off-road output that is called Wildtrack. In this specific case, the Ford Ranges comes with a series of additional engine, box, and tank protection panels. In addition to the 200 horsepower you read about earlier, Ranger comes with a multimedia system displayed on an eight-inch touchscreen, a USB socket and automatic air conditioning system. Bonus: ambient lighting with seven different colors for the best possible driving experience. How does that sound? The features mentioned should have already convinced you what to do next. The decision is up to you!