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There are many manufacturers of clubs, such as Adams, Callaway, Ben Hogan, Bridgestone, Cleveland Golf, Dunlop, Hippo, Mizuno, Nancy Lopez, Nickent & Nickent Goddess Series, Precept, Ram Golf, Srixon Golf, Taylor Made Irons, Tommy Armour, and Wilson and they all produce different brands. Neil Haboush offers you comprehensive information so you can easily choose from the assortment of products the one that are tailored to your specific requirements. It is always great to have wealth of valuable information pertaining to clubs and club purchasing at your disposal. In addition, you could also use the information provided on the blog of Neil Haboush in order to learn more about

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Another thing that you should consider when reading various golf instruction articles on the official blog of Neil Haboush is the possibility to buy clone clubs. If you have a budget, this is a great idea for you have the chance to get a discount and save significant amounts of money. The only tricky thing about this opportunity is that you should double check before buying  cloned club as there are many illegal clones available. The benefits of a legal clone is that it copies exactly the shape, color or design elements of a famous brand name club but it gives it a different name and you virtually don’t have to pay for the brand anymore. However, in the game of golf everything is a matter of personal preferences but it is highly important to be informed and Neil Haboush  is your trustworthy informational resource.