Keeping your sports equipment in good shape throughout the year

Sports equipment is used during specific seasons. If you are a winter lover, you probably own some skis or a snowboard. If you’re a fan of summer, then skateboards and bicycles might be your thing. There’s a general rule, regardless of your preferences – all sports equipment must be stored the proper way in order to prevent it from getting damaged in time. Most people don’t know how to properly store their equipment throughout the year, and this is a great article that will present a few practices that may help you with this task. Here’s the list:

Find a place for the equipment

First of all, you need to choose the most appropriate space to store the equipment. Many people tend to choose the garage, which is not the best spot ever unless it offers the proper conditions such as heating and low humidity. If your garage is not prepped to act as a storage room, go ahead and look for storage units Charlotte. These meet the requirements that you need to respect in order to keep your sports equipment in good shape. A room that is too cold in the winter can cause the equipment to freeze, which can lead to further problems and the need to purchase new equipment. A moisty environment can also cause the equipment to break. Check if the conditions are optimal in the space where you want to store it.

Clean it

Before storing your sports equipment for a long time, you need to invest some time in cleaning it thoroughly. When storing sports equipment in a poor condition, chances are they will get even more damage with the passage of time. This is why you need to wash and dry your sports equipment. Make sure that it is completely dry before storing it into boxes.

Use bins and boxes

Bins and boxes should be used to store sports gear. Recklessly throwing the equipment around won’t do the job. It will get dusty and it has all chances to break or to deteriorate if it is stored in improper conditions for too long. Using bins will be easier in terms of organizing the equipment too. You can label the bins and boxes and know exactly where you should get your stuff from if you need it urgently.

Separate everything

You should separate equipment according to the season. Sports equipment is usually voluminous, so it might be difficult to get something you want when the storage room is filled with all sorts of items. This is why you need to keep things organized and separate the sports equipment based on some criteria. The first criterion would be a season. Depending on what season comes next, you want to place the sports equipment closer to the entrance of the storage room or further away. Do this for the whole year. The second criterion would be frequency. How often do you use the sports equipment should determine its position in the storage room.