How to turn your self-storage unit into a personal gym


Those that have something to do with the sports’ world, certainly observed a trend over the past few years: storage unit gyms. And this comes as a surprise, since not all of us may have thought about attributing such uses to these facilities. But if you analyze the matter, it makes sense. It’s a highly private space, in some cases a space which benefits from climate control, and more than this, it will safely store your exercising equipment. Also, not all of us have a generous garage to set up our gyms into it, and maybe some of us are still living in apartment buildings where jumping jacks are not that well-seen by all neighbors. Thus, a self-storage unit gym seems to be the answer. Below we have a beginner guide on how to set up your own gym in such spaces.

Find a storage unit facility near you

This is crucial because you want to spend as much time as possible on the road. You want to jump into your vehicle, drive a bit and then reach your storage unit. This will help incredibly with motivation and will decrease the overall expenses. Gas is getting pricey, after all. Use dedicated directories which are able to identify as many establishments of this kind, based on a variety of filters that you can apply. For instance, search for those directories that allow you to search for storage units. This way you will spot the most convenient facility. Also, you can select facilities with climate control, if this is what interests you the most and you can cut the hassle of finding a suitable unit to half.

Start small

You don’t want to start ordering a load of fitness equipment simply because you think that this will work for you. Keep things small at the beginning and see how you feel about your new addition. Do you like it? Can you keep up? Is it worth to invest in new equipment? But for starters, bring some polyurethane mats, some dumbbells of various weights and a couple of kettlebells. Start with more cardio exercises and see if it is worth to invest further. For many, this may not work due to the lack of competitiveness. But if you learn to only compete with yourself, this is a great solution.

Pay attention to safety matters

You don’t want to hurt yourself when working out and you certainly want to make sure that the unit that you pick doesn’t have any issues that might become safety issues. Inspect the floors for cracks and uneven portions. If this is the case of your unit, ask for another one. Jumping on an uneven floor will certainly damage your kneecaps or you might even end up with a split ankle.

These are some small tips that will help you start your own gym into a self-storage unit. The investment is modicum and on long-term, it will help you save money on expensive gym membership. Invite some friends over and get to work!