How to store exercise and fitness equipment properly


New Year’s resolutions for the majority of people consist in adopting a healthier diet, losing weight and getting fit. Overall, a more balanced lifestyle represents the main goal. Some people even went a step further and purchased the necessary equipment in order to initiate the process and prove that they are ready to make the promised changes. Whether you completed your mission, reached the much-desired objective and you no longer need all those heavy machines or you got ahead of yourself and purchased too much without taking into consideration that your available space does not allow you to install and keep all the equipment, then you are obviously looking for a solution to your problem. Fortunately, we have the perfect answer to your question, namely self-storage. You have to face the unpleasant situation. If you live in a small apartment, you do not benefit from a backyard or a garage and you will not even want to occupy the precious space in your garage or place the fitness equipment out in the open either so the best options still remains exploring storage units Kitchener and renting a large unit.

Reasons to rent a storage unit for exercise and fitness equipment

There are many other reasons for which you have to rent a storage unit. For instance, if you have children, you cannot leave the workout equipment out in the open because they will most likely hurt themselves, not to mention that it will take a lot of space unnecessarily. Even an adult could get hurt when rushing around and trip over exercise items. Moreover, properly storing your equipment will increase its longevity. However, even if you do find a suitable storage unit, you cannot just transport your exercise and fitness equipment and throw it inside. The reality is that you do have to invest time and attention in the process of preparing and storing your barbells, treadmills and other items that go into your cardio workouts and weightlifting. For this reason, you should follow religiously the step mentioned below.

Step you need to follow when storing exercise and fitness equipment

For keeping your exercise and fitness equipment in tip-top condition, you must clean each item thoroughly before placing it inside the unit. Take into account the material included in yoga mats, weights, stability balls, resistance balls or anything else that you own in order to provide adequate maintenance. For instance, weights include heavy materials like chrome, iron, and steel meaning that they are susceptible to rusting but you still have to clean them so you have to use warm water and dish soap, mix them together and wipe the weights until they look clean. For storing these heavy elements in the unit, you need a weight rack because traditional shelving may collapse. On the other hand, you can also place the weights in boxes as long as you label each box in order to make a clear distinction between them. Avoid putting too many weights in one box because you will encounter difficulties transporting it.