Five-a-side football has overtaken the beautiful 11-a-side game, being the most popular amateur sport. 5-a-side football is the preferred option because the artificial turf is more welcoming to an amateur footballer than a grass pitch. Instead of shivering for about 90 minutes and being left behind, you actually get to touch the ball and maybe create unexpected magic. People take this game so seriously that they even organise leagues. You too can enjoy playing 5-a-side game; just visit and sing in. However, you have to have good physical condition if you want to engage in this game. People who play this game are technically skilled, tactically shrewd and, last but not least, they have an impressive speed. In order to achieve these physical attributes, you need to work out. The following exercises will help you build a foundation of strength.

Lunge with twist

The lunge with twist targets the glutes, the core and improves your balance and proprioperception. What you have to do is perform a lunge while at the same time holding and rotating a medicine ball from right to left. The lunge with twist is a good exercise for those seeking to improve their fitness and strengthen, sculpt or build muscle groups. It is also a very good as a warm-up exercise. It is a basic movement that even beginner athletes can do.

Box jumping

Plyometrics work on the leg drive and can thus increase your flexibility in the hamstrings and the lower back. Persons of all levels can complete plyos as long as they do them correctly. What you should not do is try to jump atop the highest box you can find. Not only is this not safe, but your physical form will be severely compromised. Look for a box in which you can get both feet completely in. This is necessary to make sure that you do not miss the box or get injured. You should be able to land in the same position from which you have taken off. If you want to be able to jump vertically, then you will have to work a lot harder. The reason for this is that vertical jumps involve a lot of technique. The feet should be shoulder tight and when you begin to jump make sure to push the glutes back. This will allow you to use maximum power and to jump higher.


Building leg strength is vital when you play 5-a-side football. Start with bodyweight and, as you are progressing, add a load. You should begin with keeping your feet firmly planted in the ground, shoulder-width apart and your arms out in front. Push your hips out and bend your legs at the knees. Lower your body to a position where the thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Do six sets. In order to strengthen your quads and improve your flexibility, you should try to use dumbbells. What is important to remember is that you should maintain your back’s natural curvature in order to avoid injuries.