Even though golf rangefinders aren’t the most important piece of equipment in a golfer’s kit and they don’t necessarily turn you into a pro, they can still save you a lot of time and can help you assess your skills. If you decide to bite the bullet and buy such a device, don’t treat it is as an average purchase. Some rangefinders can be very expensive and you have to get your money’s worth. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you find the best range finder for your budget and level of experience.

First of all, if you aren’t a pro yet or don’t intend becoming a pro, we don’t recommend spending a lot of money on the most state of the art device, because you will not be using it to its full potential and it’s not exactly advisable to pay a thousand dollars on a gadget that you rarely take out of the bag. Bushnell does some amazing entry-level rangefinders, so if you are looking for decent performance without spending more than a $200-300, they are a good choice. Also, buy a rangefinder from a company that specializes in optics, because they make better products than the larger umbrella companies that do not have enough experience in rangefinders. Secondly, you have to find the best rangefinder for the price. Unfortunately, finding a product that is both cheap and effective is not the easiest task. However, you could consider buying used rangefinders. There are many professional golfers out there who decide to sell their entry or middle level devices and invest in something more advanced. Therefore, you can find a high quality range finder at a fraction of the cost and still expect several good years of usage before having to replace it. For instance, you can come across a newer generation laser rangefinder that is usually quite expensive. As a general rule, you should focus on accuracy and durability. Design is a selling point for many expensive rangefinders, but it’s not necessarily the most important one, so try not to buy a rangefinder just because it is shiny and compact.


Always keep an eye out for discount whenever a new flagship appears. Just as it happens with phone companies, the price of a device drops abruptly when a new one is released. So, if you are an advanced golfer and you’re looking for a way of buying a new rangefinder without spending all your savings, this trick could help. Don’t forget to read some reviews before making a purchase, because there are cases when the reputation of a brand is better than the product itself. Even Bushnell, which is known for its on-point optics technologies, have some rangefinders that are not worth the hype, so it’s always good to be informed. Preferably, you should find a website that is dedicated only to rangefinder reviews and this way you can get to compare products or ask for recommendations from fellow golfers.