When a person uses drugs and alcohol on a regularly basis, multiple changes occur in their body and they experience great mood swings. When a person abuses on drugs, their body experiences some of the effects immediately, but there are also effects that are felt later. If at the beginning the side effects are mild, they have the potential in time to turn into severe ones. For athletes the physical effects tend to be the most dangerous ones. It is advisable athletes to try to avoid drug abuse, or in case they have an addiction, and they are looking for a treatment, they should not combine these two, because it will prove dangerous for their health.

What are the physical effects of drug use?

If you will talk with a professional from the best holistic rehabs they will tell you that when you are exercising your body’s systems work harder and faster and the drugs you use will interact with your body in numerous ways. Drug abuse can have some of the following effects: nausea, dry mouth, confusion, dilated pupils, flushing of skin, change in appetite, increased heart rate, impaired balance and coordination, increased alertness and energy, increased body temperature and blood pressure.

Combining exercising with drug abuse can have life-threatening effects on you. Your body will experience a shock and it can shutdown completely because of this.

If you use enhancing drugs, they can decrease your performance

Some people consider that if they use drugs they will improve their performance. The athletes who get into luxury rehabs state that they first started using drugs because they were not satisfied with the results they had. Drugs can make you get involved into physical activities that threat your life, because their side effects can influence your judgment. Many athletes use drugs when they involve in a particular sport, because they want to have a better performance. The first thing every athlete should know is that any type of drug is prohibited in sporting events, and it can be daunting to their career to be labelled as drug addicts.

Sport agencies consider that there are certain drugs that should be considered illegal when taking part in sports events:

  • Substances that have a negative effect on the spirit of the sport
  • Substances that put the athlete’s life in danger
  • Substances that can improve their performance

Consuming these drugs on long term can lead to numerous health problems like liver disease, kidney damage, heart problems and high blood pressure.