There are not many sports that have as many rules as cricket but once you learn them you will find out that it is an amazing sport. No matter where you choose to start you game: in your back yard or at a club, once you master the rules of the game you will start enjoying the most popular game in the world. Here we are going to present to you the simplest rules of the game because if you did not know there are other ways to play a game: 20 cricket or 50 over match.

Like most games cricket is also a game which consist of two teams, each team consisting of up to eleven players. For each team, aside from the eleven players, you can have a twelve team member as a reserve in case someone gets injured. The reserve is not allowed to be the captain of the team or play during the game. If an injured player has recovered from his accident and he want to play he can return to the game.

The goal of the game is that one team has to bowl out its opponent twice and score more runs than them in order to win. One big difference between this cricket game and the others in the length, in this game you have to limited time for innings. The only limit that this game has is the length of the game which should not be more than 5 days. The game usually starts with the flip of the coin, the captain of a team will have to guess the side of the coin and if he gets it right he can choose what to do first bat or field. The goal of the batting team is to score runs while the other team, the one who fields will have to bowl out ten people because you can have only one person batting in a team. We have to mention that batting can only be done in pairs.

Another important rule is the cricket game is what you do if one team has bowled out the other team. When this happens the first team will go into bat. On the other hand, when one team is bowled out it will have to return to the batting game. As you can see it is not so hard to understand cricket you just have to pay attention to the rules.