When it comes to physical activity, a lot of people tend to neglect its importance. They find reasons like lack of time, lack of abilities or busy schedules, but there are only some mere excuses you can easily ignore if you want to. If you are up for a training challenge and you are thinking about starting with something soft and easy, then the first thing that comes to your mind is probably yoga. This type of exercise is nowadays present in most sport centres, so you will definitely be able to find it in a Frankston gym. It provides multiple benefits for those who practice it, but in spite of this there are still multiple misconceptions that make people belittle it. Here are just some of the wrongful labels that have been put on yoga over the years:

Yoga is a religious practice

This is the most aberrant statement people could say about yoga. While it is true that the roots of this training are strongly connected to the Buddhist customs, the exercise has nothing to do with religion. There is, of course, a certain dose of spirituality in it, as you are advised to find inner peace and get in coordination with yourself, but no Hindu references are made what so ever. No one will tell you what to believe in during a yoga class, so rest assured it is all about your body’s and mind comfort.

Yoga is just for sportsmen

A lot of people claim they cannot practice yoga as they are not flexible enough. This is something stupid, as the training is designed to answer any needs and offer each participant exactly what they need. As a beginner, you may lack flexibility, but as with any other physical performance, this comes in time. If you try to find what feels good for your body, you will notice that class after class you are going to get more space and eventually reach the poses you can only dream of at the moment. It does not matter if you are young or old, thin or fat, a man or a woman – everybody can practice yoga as long as they do it with an open mind, and the effects will appear in no time.

Yoga is just mild stretching

If you are watching a video of someone practicing yoga, it may seem the easiest thing on earth. Those soft moves and calm exercises definitely look like gentle stretching anyone can do, without a lot of effort. However, once you actually start performing them yourself, you will see this is not actually true. Of course beginners have it easy at first and this also delivers results, but after a while, the moves will get more complicated. Yoga is all about strength, flexibility, finding inner balance, receiving guidance from your breath and most importantly, about coordination. As a consequence, the training is incredibly physically challenging and needs a lot of concentration and hard work.