Can self-hypnosis increase sport performance?


At first thought, sports and hypnosis seem to be two extremely different areas that never correlate, but this could not be more wrong. Psychologists and even famous athletes admit that hypnosis has helped them over the years to build successful careers in the competitive world of sports that demands incredible performance and enjoy great popularity. The secret is to win the mental game that unfolds in your mind before the physical one. However, do not get this statement wrong because you do not have to stand in the middle of the field, picture yourself winning and have the certainty that it will come true. Instead, you have to use your subconscious mind and hypnosis represents the main connection between conditioned mental response and physiologic outcome. Shortly, you have the power to control the outcome and ensure their success.

Increase the level of focus

As an athlete, you need concentration at the highest level during the game meaning that you have to reach a certain point where nothing else matters at that moment. Hypnosis can help narrow significantly the specter of attention so that you minimize distractions as much as possible and focus on the outcome, namely winning. Sports psychologists have studied the case of racing drivers. You probably already know the results and you are right. The main difference between the best and those who fail in racing is that the ones in the first category have an amazing ability to make everything else disappear until the end of the race.

Hypnotic trance blocks out distractions

Even when psychologists went a step further by using several distractions and increasing the level of noise, these negative outside influences did not captivate some drivers. Even more, a few were not even aware of those influences the entire time, which is almost unbelievable but this represents the proof that hypnosis does provide satisfying results and can increase performance in any type of sport. However, this incredible fact has a logic explanation, namely hypnotic trance. Because they were in a deep trance, they were not aware of the sounds around. Thus, in order to achieve that level of concentration, you have to learn how to enter in that respective state. Self-hypnosis for sports surely represents a strange concept for some athletes, but this is only because they have not yet discovered the benefits provided by this miracle formula.

Feel the moment

Nevertheless, not everything is lost. People can actually teach themselves how to enter a sports trance or “be in the zone” and ensure their road to success. Of course, you cannot allow yourself to think about the last minutes of the game, about the last bend or the last shot and definitely, you cannot start dreaming about the money and the popularity you will enjoy after the game. You do not have to think, you have to feel the moment. You must concentrate on the process and become one with your activity. Do not analyze it, do it. Hypnosis also helps athletes change their limited beliefs. If you believe that you cannot run a certain number of miles in a certain time, you will never succeed because you practically impose limitations on yourself, but hypnosis allows you to breakthrough.