The game which we are going to present to you is boxing which is a sport in which two people fight with each other using their fists. The game is also known as pugilism. Each game has a certain number of rounds and each round lasts between one to three minutes. To make sure that the rules are respected a referee supervises the entire game. The game ends when the one boxer gets knocked out or he is physically incapable to continue to play.

The game can also end if a boxer does not respect the rules of the game, if one of them throw in the towel or when the judges present their score cards. Because boxing is a violent game, most professionals have a short career and stop playing in their 30s. After that, they pursue a different profession and become male fitness models, trainers or judges. Because boxing requires an intense regular workout, most players have a lean body and meet the height, age and measurement requirements of male fitness models. Because they are already experienced, fighters can become trainers and judges. There are two ways you can play box: amateur or professional. No matter what kind of sport game you play there are still rules that need to be followed.

  • Each round must be of  minutes with a break of 1 minute between them
  • The referee is the only one who can decide to end a game and it is the one who arbitrates the game
  • The entire game will be scored by three judges
  • For every bout there is a 10 point must system which must be respected
  • When a player gets knocked out it is a must to do the 8 minute count
  • Every player must have a mouth piece in his mouth, the game will not start if one of the players does not have a mouth piece because accidents can happen and nobody wants that
  • If the mouth piece happens to fall during the game the referee will call time out and it will be replaced. However, if the referee comes to the conclusion that the player spit his mouth piece on purpose the boxer will get some of his point deducted
  • If a boxer gets knocked out of the ring he will get a 20 seconds count. During the counting the player must not be assisted by anyone or he will lose points or even get disqualified
  • If a boxer gets knocked down before the bell rings it will not save him when it does ring
  • You cannot do the eight count while standing
  • The three knocked down rule does not exist

This is a small presentation of the beautiful boxing game, as you can see it has a lot of rules and it is not for everybody because it is rough.