It is very hard to learn baseball as well as softball if you have not watched it basically you entire life because the game is very complex and it has a lot of rules. There are so many rules to this game, not to mention the exceptions that it is quite hard to memorize them all. Although many people believe that the type of training fitness models practice is enough to get in shape for this game, there is much more to it. Player require strength training, aggressive throwing programs and long distance running. If have decided to learn this game we are going to present to you a set of basic information about the game just to get you started.

First we are going to talk about the game. Baseball, like softball, consists of two teams who change their position from defense to offense. The main goal of each team is to score more runs than the opponent. A run is achieved when the player touches all four bass which are situated on the filed shaped like a diamond.

The equipment of a baseball player consists of a leather glove, a bat and a white ball. The leather glove is always hold by the defense and it must be placed on the hand which you then use to catch the baseball ball. The ball is white and it is 3 inches in diameter and it has red stitching. The baseball bat is always held by the offense and it is made from a special wood for professionals and out of metal such as aluminum for beginners.

The field of the baseball game is divided in two fields: the field which is closest to the bases is called the infield and the one which is far away and has grass on it is called the outfield.  The field has four bases and each base is situated 90 feet away from the next base, if the field is for children such as junior league the bases will be closer.

Now we are going to talk about defense position is baseball because that is where the whole action starts. In the middle of the mound a pitcher is situated, from there he throws the ball towards home plate. All the catcher has to do is catch the ball sent by the defense. This action repeats until one of the team gets the most runs.

As you can see it is not that easy to learn baseball because you need to know all the positions of the players, you need to know all the game rules and the basic stuff such as: the equipment and the dimensions of the field. Furthermore, if you want to become a professional player, you must train like an athlete, not like a fitness model.