Although the Arizona Diamond Backs are a relatively young team they have already made a name for themselves amongst the big teams. Since their formation in 1998 they have won several  competitions such as the 2001 World Series. Other accomplishments include 5 National League titles as well 1 National League Championship pennant. The team has therefore proved that Arizona has more to offer than training locations. So far the team has not let down its fans but lets see how the D’backs are expecting the new season.

Current challenges

This year’s spring training has proved to be rather unlucky for the D’backs . A lot of players are injured and some of them will sit on the bench for several weeks. While Willie Bloomquist, Aaron Hills and Jason Kubel are suffering rather superficial injuries other players were less lucky. Adam Eaton has suffered an elbow strain and will be unable to play for at least six weeks. On the other hand Cody Ross is already recovering from a calf strain and will only miss the first couple of weeks of the season. Although the Arizona Diamond Backs have the best pitchers in the national League West, the recent injuries will most likely impact on their performances. The beginning of the season will be the most difficult period. However if they manage to survive the first weeks they will certainly continue to be a threat for the other teams.

Upcoming games

The numerous injuries will give the D’backs a huge disadvantage in the start of the season and therefore they will have to use all the cards in their sleeves. Furthermore the Arizona Diamondbacks Schedule is looking rather overwhelming. After dealing with the Pittsburgh Pirates they will have 3 fights against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Furthermore next week they will compete against the feared New York Yankees. One can only hope that the team will manage to bring their best moves in order to overcome the current obstacles. After all they mustn’t disappoint their supporters who have already purchased tickets for the upcoming games. In the next couple of days the Chase Field will most likely be filled with cheering fans.

New strategies 

The Diamondbacks’ general manager has been doing a lot of controversial changes in the teams structure. He is trying to apply a new strategy that will make the team independent from the home run. In order to do so he must diminish the number of strikeouts and in the same time achieve as many runs as possible. Nevertheless a lot of pressure still falls on the pitchers as they will be the ones that will have to tilt the victory balance in the team’s favor.