Many people find American football confusing especially for those who are not Americans because they are used to the European football which is very different. It is not  a mystery to anyone that for the ones who have no idea what American football is all about may not understand the terms used by commentators, such as: “roughing the snapper”. If you want to understand and learn all the rules of the game is might be hard but if you just start with the basics you might learn faster.

We are going to start with the presentation of the field. American football is played on a field which is 100 yards long and 160 yards wide. Like many sports this filed is divided too, it is divided into long stripes through a white line. The line is market every 10 yards. On the field you can also see some numbers which the number of yards. This indicator is very useful for every team because this way they can tell how much the team has to advance in order to score a touchdown. In the middle of the field there is a white line which splits the field in half and represents  50 yards. In the game there are two teams, every team has eleven players but they can have up to 50 players because there are times when specialized players are hired only for a game.

Every game starts with the flipping of a coin which determines what team gets the ball. The team who lost the possession of the ball at the flipping of the coin will get it back after half time. For every half of the game each team is entitled to three time outs during which they can talk about the strategy of the game. The strategy is not put together during the game it is learned during practice and players are given signs to know when they have to act. An American football game lasts about four hours. However, it is usually shorter because after three hours the game is stopped since the offensive has a pass but it does not manage to complete it. There are a lot of rules in American football which are quite hard to learn and memorize but if you just start with the basics it will be easier or you. Once you know the rules of the game you will find American football an amazing game. Not only will you be able to enjoy the sport in all its splendor and performance, but you could even do some online sport betting if you’re confident in your chances. Getting to know a sport in detail takes time, especially if you want to do online sport betting and win, because you have to take into account the statistics of all teams and try to determine how they will perform in various combinations with each other.