5 Athletes That Successfully Overcame Addiction

Anyone can come down with drug addiction, celebrity or the common man on the street.  It does not matter your state in the society; it also does not matter if you suffer from drug addiction or not.  What really matters is your willingness to be free and get your life back. You can always find help at drug rehab retreat centers where you can overcome drug addiction and start living a new life entirely.  In this write-up, you will learn about five athletes that have successfully overcome addiction. Their stories are expected to serve as sources of motivation for you.

Michael Phelps

He has won the Olympics gold medal eight times in swimming.  He equally plunged into drugs and lost his endorsement contract with Kellogg’s in 2009 after he was pictured using marijuana and the photo went viral, no thanks to the internet. However, his drug using days are over and he now lives a clean man.

Dock Ellis

He is yet another former drug user. He admitted to taking LSD in 1970 shortly before a game and his drug use keep the San Diego Padres hitless. His addiction became a consistent problem for his team members until the recognized the problem and sought help. Also, his drug-using   days are over and he now lives as clean as fiddle.

Darryl Strawberry

He is an MLB’s World Series champion and has won it four times already.  He had a glowing resume until he ventured into drug user, which successfully tainted his resume and almost destroyed his career.  He was caught several times taking excess alcohol and using cocaine.  He too sought help and has fully recovered. Save for what the history has to say about his past drug use, you will never know he once used drugs if you see him today, especially if you are meeting him for the first time.   

Lamar Odom

He was ranked the 17th on the list of the greatest Lakers of all times and 55th on the list of the best small forwards of all times. Lamar was also reported to have used up to $50,000 worth of cocaine within a space of three years! He nearly died after taking an overdose of cocaine in a Nevada brothel. He too has overcome that problem.

Andre Agassi

He is a legend in tennis; one of the best America has ever produced. He owned up to using crystal meth in his autobiography before winning the 1998 French Open. He too has successfully kicked the habit.


Anyone can be free from drug addiction, irrespective of what his past stories had been.  Overcoming addiction in luxury retreats is about the easiest route to complete freedom. You can also give it a try today for a complete resolution of that drug-use problem