4 reasons why you should be doing CrossFit


CrossFit is a fitness regimen that was developed over several decades. The program combines elements of weight lifting, cardio, gymnastics, and core training. At gyms, men and women train as if they were in the military. It seems that people are obsessed with CrossFit and that it is a workout phenomenon. It is everywhere these days. Some go as far as saying that this form of high-intensity fitness training is a cult. Well, Ohio does have a tight-knit community of addicts. From the outside, it is hard to understand why people even bother joining CrossFit classes Akron OH or why they get their friends and family to join too. If you have not found this form of high-intensity fitness training, it is high time you did. Here are 4 reasons why you should be doing CrossFit training.

You don’t need to be in shape for CrossFit training

CrossFit exercises are brutal, so you need to be in good shape. Not exactly. The biggest misconception is that you need to be in good shape before hitting the gym. It is true that the fitness regimen is intense, but you will learn quite fast how to gauge your intensity. Virtually anyone can play this sport. The workout has universal scalabilities to your level and ability. What is more, coaches do not add intensity right away. The coach first helps you build a foundation and then teach you technique and flexibility. If you go to the gym, you are likely to see moms training alongside athletes.

CrossFit redefines the idea of fitness

For a long time, people were not able to define fitness. Yet, Coach Greg Glassman managed to define fitness in a meaningful way. He described CrossFit as the increase in work capacity across time and physical skills. What Coach Greg Glassman offers us is a three-dimensional definition of fitness. The fitness program is based on varied functional movements. Simply put, instead of wasting your time on the treadmill, you are required to move your body through space with energy. You will be surprised at the energy you get from the workout.

Power of the CrossFit community

CrossFit is so much more than a fitness regimen. It is a community. The community that comes into being when people do workouts together explains why it is so effective. It shares common goals and passion for hard work. You do not have to work out alone and you can even develop friendships at the gym. There are many interesting individuals training with intensity at the gym, so not forging friendships is almost impossible. Doing exercise will be that more enjoyable and less difficult. There are many gyms in Akron, so you are lucky.

CrossFit can be its own sport

CrossFit is a non-traditional form of sport. It does not involve injury, but it does involve competition. Those who practice high-intensity fitness training are considered some of the best athletes in the world. What you are playing is the sport of fitness. Even though there are not judges and you are not paid to participate in events, this does not mean that you are not doing a real sport. Sport is exercise.